We want to welcome you to Flying Dog Collars. We are Mark & Michelle Ferrell and Flying Dog specializes in unique hand crafted dog collars and leads. The company is operated solely by the two of us, and of course, inspiration from our three other partners, Murphy, Gus & Cooper.

We maintain flyingdogcollars.com, contributing all photos, descriptions, emails, order processing and shipping. It is our foremost desire that you LOVE the items you receive and ensure the utmost dedication to quality workmanship and customer service. Flying Dog Collars was born out of a need to express our creativity and our commitment to the pursuit of the American Dream...to own and operate our own business and make a contribution to this world and to benefit the most loyal beings who give us their complete unconditional love...our pets!

Little did we know a few years ago when we were blessed with our first companion Murphy, and then six months later with the addition of Gus, that Flying Dog Collars would be a reality. 

In October, we were fortunate to adopt a new member of the family, Cooper, a rescued pup from a dire situation. He was born in a puppy mill that was just shut down in SW North Dakota. Poor thing was starving, dehydrated and full of worms and kennel cough. He is on the mend and is fitting in very well with the rest of the brood here around Flying Dog.

In the following weeks and months, we will be introducing more designs that we hope will make your life, and the lives of those special furry friends, fun and joyful.