How We Laser Mark Our Products

Here at Flying Dog, we do all of our laser marking in-house using a state-of-the-art laser. We have chosen this method over others because we can achieve the best laser marking on our aluminum side release buckles...permanent...dark and easy to read. Take a look at this short video......


Other methods of engraving, such as with fiber or solid state lasers, actually cuts through the plating on the buckle and compromises the integrity of the finish. Since a fiber laser cuts deep into the metal, it exposes the cast aluminum to the elements and will eventually cause the plating to peel and flake off.

As you can clearly see in the image at right, a buckle with deep engraving from a fiber laser that cuts through the plating can cause flaking and peeling due to the finish being compromised.

With our method of laser marking, a ceramic and glass material is applied to the buckle. This revolutionary process uses precise lasers and marking materials scientifically formulated to permanently fuse to metals.

Our marking material consists of traditional ceramic glazing material, with the addition of a thermal absorber. The ceramic glazing material is a mixture of glass frit – small particles of partially fused glass designed to melt at a much lower temperature than ordinary window glass – with pigments for coloring. The traditional use of such glazing material requires it to be applied to the surface of a ceramic object, and then baked in a very hot kiln for more than an hour. Once fired, the glass frit and pigments combine to form a thin layer of colored glass that is permanently fused onto the surface of the ceramic object.

Our method uses a laser as the heat source to fuse the material instead of a kiln. All this happens in microseconds as opposed to hours, consuming far less “energy” and, consequently, without compromising or damaging the material being marked. It is the thermal absorber within the marking materials which enhances and speeds the heat absorption from the laser beam, improving the transfer to the material. enough of the technical jargon here. The point is, you are getting the highest quality laser marking technique available today without causing any damage to the plating of the buckle. Period!